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UK Ecommerce Consultants

Whilst we are based in the UK, we produce and optimise web sites for high search engine placement worldwide.

We provide custom bespoke software to suit your organisation’s requirements, when turnkey solutions do not exist.

We have a wide range of maintenance, support and service plans available.

In short from a simple spreadsheet or database, to a fully fledged e-commerce web site with automated electronic ordering and accounting, MB4IT can help.

When all else fails we can rescue your systems and ensure continuity of your business.

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Remote Backup Solutions

MB4IT are now able to provide a range of automated offsite backup products.

Your essential business data is much safer when it has been backed up to a remote location than it is when it is stored at your company premises.

Key security features of automated remote backups:

  • All data is sent and stored on the backup servers using bank level encryption using SSL, making your backup data completely safe from hackers;
  • You choose which staff have access to your encryption key, without this encryption key the backup data is useless;
  • All backup data is stored at 2 geographically-separated mirrored data centre’s, each data centre has redundant power and bandwidth, and restricted access security.
  • Deleted files are stored at both data centre for 90 days to protect against disgruntled workers – one of the most common causes of data loss;

Contact us for a quote today. We will be happy to evaluate your backup requirements. A 30 Day free trial is available, contact us to find out more.

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